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The story of LisaMae Cakes' Whoopsie Pie

My father-in-law was diagnosed with Celiac years before it considered a disease (thanks to a very intuitive doctor who was way before his time).  He was not a big sweet eater, but loved to have a little bite of something sweet after a big meal with his hot tea.  When that was taken away, he began searching for a gluten free cake or cookie that would satisfy that sweet urge.  Numerous trips to specialty stores, bakeries, etc. yielded nothing that was satisfying.  They were crumbly, dry, and essentially flavorless.  

When I became a baker a few years later, I set out to create gluten free treats that satisfied all the above.  After many trials, I developed delicious GLUTEN FREE cakes, cookies and our best seller...the  Whoopsie Pie.  (Wonder where we came up with the name?  Well, doesn't it look like a bit of a mistake?  We lovingly nicknamed it the ugly cousin of the whoopie pie.)

Each Whoopsie Pie consists of two toothsome, chewy, gooey, DENSE COOKIES filled with a light filling of jam, cream cheese  or the light silky Italian buttercream.  No matter the choice, it all sums up to be DELICIOUS!

Look for us in the Georgia Grown building at the Georgia National Fair each year in October!  Retail is available at Village Marketplace 2381 Ingleside Avenue, Macon, GA and by preorder at LisaMae Cakes.  (All orders need to be submitted by the order form link above.  We do require a six (6) pie minimum order and a 7-day advance notice.)

Treat yourself to some of these tasty Whoopsie Pies today!  You won't be disappointed!




For bvsinesses interested in wholesale, please email

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